Displacement: Land Art


Land Art. Created En-Plein Air at the Center for Polish Sculpture at Oronsko, Poland from April 14-17 2007 with the Sculpture Division of the Academy of Fine Arts at Warsaw during the 2006-07 Fulbright Fellowship. Constructed with the generously exurberant assistance of fellow students from ASP: Witek Nazarkiewicz, Marcin Fabiński and Paweł Chmielewski.

The original idea was to create a coffin-like hole in the ground and literally displace the entirety of this cut-out on the ground above and to compare these two polar opposite of "function" -- that we often think of the ground below us to be completely devoid of life, but it is, in fact, quite the opposite. After hitting the water table of a nearby pond about 2 feet down, I revised the final size as the original parameters still worked -- brillantly, in fact, as the water seeped into the cut-out void as a symbol of a life giving entity.