Artist Statements

Artist Statement: Photography

I strive to discover the rites of passage of a landscape in relation to its subject, and to record its dialogue with the esoteric phenomena (phenomenology) of the light sublime. This discovery leads to shifts of perception in a story-line of a place because the quality of knowing can so readily move with time. This awareness of presence and movement, drives me to recognize the circumstances of being.

Artist Statement: Sculpture

Architecture shields against the natural elements, radical ideas, or protects /for/ them. In the ancient era, and even now with a culture of instant gratification and single use products, what has been chosen to grace our edifices -from buildings to devices- has been to praise the victorious human condition. Yet, those dark crevices of unfinished journeys, fringe space, the forgotten ruins and their rubble, seem to sink deep; down into the shadows of the lost, the unrealized, and the unimportant. I sculpt to raise the humanity behind these artifacts, to give presence and functions to erosions and destructions, to seek recordings of unfinished journeys and make them valuable with architectural attachments. I feel that the idea of the ancient artifact, even wholly created new in this time, still resonates whence we came and whither we're headed.